Herbs: Meadherb


By Eirin T. Shira, Founder of Hvergelmir International.

Today I will do Mjødurt “Filipendula ulmaria” (directly translated to meadherb because of Its wide use for mead in the old days)

Names In other languages:

Swedish: Älggräs, Älgört. English: Meadowsweet, Meadsweet, Meadow Queen, Bridewort, Dolloff and many more. German: Mädesüss, Spierblumen, Moor-Spierstaude, Echte Rüsterstaude, Wiesengeissbart

It belongs to the rosefamily (Rosaceae)

The plant can become anything between 50 cm to 150 cm in height and grows In humid places all over Norway, most of Europe, parts of Northern Asia and has been brought to Northern America. Upon storage it is sensitive to Mildew and must be stored as dry as possible. If Mildew effects It, this must be thrown away. Do not use for medicine after an attack from Mildew. The Meadsweet has a wide wide range of uses from food and drinks to medicine. Its sweet-smelling flower was used for brewing mead, beer, as incense, to make a flower lemonade and In soaps to make them smell good. It both tastes and smells incredibly nice. It can also be used to brew tea by gathering leafs and flowers and drying them.

Example: Take about 30 handfuls of the plant, but not too far down on the stem and put them In a big pot with 500-600 grams of sugar 1-2 whole lemons and about 15 grams of citric acid. Pour over boiling water till it just covers the flowers, put a lid on and leave it cold for about 2-4 days. This makes for quite a tasty lemonade-like drink.

Meadherb contains a variation of substances, amongst them Vitamin-c, essential oils and tannin being Important. Its roots can also supply a natural black dye by adding a copper Mordant. Medical uses: Its good for headaches and can be used to produce aspirin by isolating a small section of the root, It will smell very similar to an antiseptic. It has a wide range of effects and uses, however. It can produce an antiseptic; it thins the blood; it has a cooling effect; it lessens swellings; it’s acid neutralising; lessens nausea; it’s contractile; heals wounds; protects your mouth and other moist skin areas; increases strength of the stomach; helps urine flow better; helps sweating when sick; lowers fever; antibacterial effects and local anaesthetic effects have also been achieved from this amazing bit of “weed”. It can also be used to ease cramps and against rheumatic pains. This means it can be used against stomach sicknesses; cramps; headaches; heartburn; irritated bowel; rheumatic pains; arthritis; muscle pains; infections in nerves and muscles; heart disease; female pains; too heavy bleeding when having your period; injuries and septic wounds; amongst a few other things. Its also good for bad breath issues/halitosis.

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