Sidus and Worldview of Sáuilaþiudōs Haírþō

Alþeis Sidus: Suebo-Visigothic Heathenry

This section is but an early formulation of my ideas on Hearth Cult as Sáuilaþiudōs Haírþō (formerly Sunnōniz Fulka Herþaz or Sunfolk Hearth) practices it. A term with a “*” before it is almost always a reconstructed Gothic word. Some of the reconstructed words are my own work, some I found in Himma Daga‘s Gothic Edda poems and the rest I borrowed from  Gutiska Haiþnis Galaubeins. The terms between “#” are intended to be translated into Gothic as soon as possible.

Last Update:  4th July 2017.

1. Our Heathenry

Basically Heathenry, according to the practice of our *hairþō (hearth), is based over what was transmitted to us through several historical documents of many Germanic peoples. I decided to use this broad, but not so broad, approach to a more vivid practice. As time passed, I realized that many customs were more common than peculiar…

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