Deusa da Noite, Filha do gigante Norvi. Teve três esposos que lhe deram três filhos: com Naglfari teve Aud; com Annar teve Erda; e com Dellinger teve Dag.

by Micha F. Lindemans
In Norse myth, Nott is the personification of night, and the daughter of Narvi. Nott was married three times and with each husband she had one child. Her first husband was Naglfari, and their son was Aud. Her second husband was Annar, father of Earth. Her third husband was Delling, the personification of twilight, father of Dagur (Day). She and her son were given horse-drawn chariots by the gods and were placed in the sky to round the world every two half-days. Notts chariot is pulled by the horse Hrimfaxi (“frost-maned”) which covers the earth with dew early in the morning.